Birth Photography

Your life will never be the same. By the end of this day your heart will have expanded exponentially in love. You will have stretched yourself further than you thought possible. You will have breathed deeper; felt an intensity you didn’t know existed. You will have discovered depths of yourself and your relationship to your partner that you didn’t even know were there. You will have reached the pinnacle of human experience on the wave of a breath. And then you will begin to forget it…. Don’t let these amazing memories disappear. Preserve them for you, your children, and your children’s children. Birth Photography is not just capturing the moment of birth, but all the little moments that you didn’t even notice that together make up your birth experience. I am an Award Winning, Globally Published, and Certified Professional Birth Photographer. My Birth Photography is not just documentary photography, but elevates the experience of your birth to heirloom-quality fine art levels. 

Salt Lake City Birth Photographer