Baby Hank: A Homebirth in Lehi Utah

What a wonderful birth!!! This client came to find me in a really fun way! We both commented on a post on a crunchy moms facebook group when we then discovered that we had mutual friends…. Her previous midwife and her assistant who I was presently working with in AZ. I was getting ready for our move to Utah and she was pregnant with her third child, a precious boy! After a bit of chatting all things birth and babies and motherhood, she hired me as her doula and birth photographer.

The day of her birth is one I’ll never forget. I was actually down in Orem attending a midwives skills course. We had talked that morning and she had decided to get her membranes swept. I checked in a couple of times and she said that there wasn’t much happening, maybe some light cramping. She had a very long birth with her first child, which is pretty typical, and then a very fast birth with her second, also very common, so we knew that this baby had the possibility of coming very fast.

Around 1pm, I had a weird gut feeling that I should leave the course I was at and start heading back north. I started driving… I had JUST passed the exit for my client’s home in Lehi, when she called me to let me know that her waters had just released (broken). Though she seemed very calm and assured me that she still felt fine, I asked if I could “just come over and check on things.”

Boy am I glad I did! By the time I arrived at her home 10 minutes later, it was very apparent that she would be holding her baby soon. Her midwife was called, her husband started filling her birth tub. She moved, sat on the toilet, laid on the bed, sat on the birth ball, all in an attempt to get comfortable but her waves started coming very quickly.

Her midwife arrived and she decided to get in the tub. Ah! That immediate relief that comes with getting into a pool of warm water. It’s pretty magical to watch. Her husband gave her some oils to smell for her nausea. We had a fan on her to help cool her down. Her daughters came and went from the room and offered encouragement.

Suddenly, she moved onto her knees and we could see her body moving to push. And push she did! Very soon, her son came flying out into her hands and she sat back to bring him up into her arms and onto her chest. Everything went quite perfectly. Her husband and daughter were right there to witness their miracle. Baby Hank Boone was born!

Here’s highlight gallery of her beautiful, sunlit, daytime homebirth!


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Nearly nothing gives me greater joy than supporting families on this crazy journey through parenthood/birth and creating captivating and emotional art that will be your family’s heirlooms for generations.