Baby Tilly; An In-Home Newborn/Postpartum Photo Session

This session had even more meaning than we thought it would originally. If you go read her birth story, you’ll know a bit why, but in case not, here’s the short version.

Due to COVID, this precious papa and their older daughter were unable to attend the birth of this precious baby. Due to positive COVID tests, their planned home birth turned into a sudden birth center birth with only me as support person, as their doula and birth photographer.

Fortunately, by just 5 days later, I was able to go into their home and capture this beautiful family. The way that their sweet older daughter loved on her baby sister was so special. Baby girl Tilly was already wrapped around her papa’s little finger. Laying on his chest was her absolute favorite and soothed her instantly.

This baby is a long-awaited miracle. Being with them, helping during her birth, seeing the joy in all of their eyes as we marveled at her perfection is a continuous blessing to me. While they have no plans for more children in the future, it is my fervent hope that I’ll get to see them at least yearly for family photos!

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