Why YOU SHOULD hire a Doulatog (Doula+Birth Photographer)

So I may be completely biased, but I feel it in my soul that the doulatog gives families the BEST all-around experience for their birth and helps support unique and extraordinary birth experiences. But in case you need more evidence, here’s my Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Doulatog (Doula + Birth Photographer).

  1. The Certified Doula (me) provides the best Evidence Based Information available today. I subscribe to a birth professional organization called Evidence Based Birth which keeps up to date on all things related to pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum by combing the available research and making it available to the public. They provide un-biased, non-fear-based information to arm birthing people with the best information out there so that they can make truly informed decisions.

  2. I am not only a Certified Birth Doula but also a Certified Professional Birth Photographer, NOT just a doula with a camera. This distinction is super important to me. I invest in my client’s births by having not just one set of professional grade photography gear, but backup gear in the case of failure, insurance, editing software, gallery delivery, additional training and continuing education. My work is Fine Art Photography with Birth as it’s subject matter. I believe that your birth story should be as beautifully captured and preserved as the moment it happened.

  3. I do NOT replace your partner, I help your partner have their best birth experience too. With over 100+ births of experience, I know just where to put my hands for those hip squeezes and can show your partner how in the heart of a contraction. I can fetch your water or a towel so that your partner can stay connected to you. I can relieve your partner so they can take a nap during a long labor or use the bathroom without leaving you labor alone.

  4. I understand the ups and downs of a physiologic birth and know the signs and symptoms of the various stages of labor in a way that you cannot learn in a book. I know all about interventions, their pros and cons, benefits and risks, and ins and outs or each thing that may happen and can help you and your partner make the best decisions based off of your own unique needs.

  5. I have professional and oftimes friendly relationships with many care providers to help you navigate finding your best birth team and can make direct calls in the need of a change of plans.

  6. By hiring one person as both doula and birth photographer, you save money by just having one person be on-call for you which can save you hundreds of dollars making both doula and birth photography more affordable

  7. By hiring one person as both doula and birth photographer, you have less people in your birth space, less interference and a stronger relationship with the person taking your pictures which means it’s less likely to interfere with your physiologic birth. There is no “shutter shock” when suddenly someone is taking your picture. We have a strong relationship built on trust and therefore, there is not freezing up or feeling weird or watched while your story is being captured.

  8. By hiring one person as your doula and birth photographer, you don’t have to choose between the two should you need a cesarean section or if during the time of COVID-19 you are only allowed a certified doula to attend your birth. I can still take pictures if I’m there!

  9. Because as your doula I am often the first person on your birth team to arrive, you get a much more complete “birth story” than by hiring a separate birth photographer who would likely only be showing up much later in your labor process.

  10. Because I am giving you lots of hands-on support during your labor and birth as your, I am close in and am able to capture the best angles and most unique perspectives of your birthing time acting in tandem as your birth photographer.


I am a natural-minded mom who loves coffee, wine and books, along with cooking for my family and getting dirt on my hands in the garden with my kids. I believe in attachment parenting, free range kids, and the importance of nurturing our children’s individual spirits. I’m passionate about birthing rights, physical autonomy, informed consent and helping women embrace their power.

Nearly nothing gives me greater joy than supporting families on this crazy journey through parenthood/birth and creating captivating and emotional art that will be your family’s heirlooms for generations.