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Doula Support is a unique service. When you hire a doula, you are hiring someone who you can feel comfortable with during your most vulnerable moments. Someone you can call if doubts or questions creep in. When you hire me as your doula, you also get someone who has 300+ births of experience in all settings with all different types of care providers (including traditional birth keepers and unassisted births). I am a fully trained and experienced doula, originally certified through DONA International, though I have since left that organization. I have been through both the Basics and Integration workshops through Spinning Babies. I am also highly experienced in VBAC and HBAC and am a Certified VBAC Pro with VBAC Academy.

I specialize in out-of-hospital birth (like home birth or birth center birth) and High-Risk Births that happen in hospital settings (like multiples, complex medical situations, anxiety etc). I’ve had trainings in breech birth, shoulder dystocia, and PPH and while I’m not a midwife, these skills allow me to be an integral part of your care team in the case of an emergency as I know how to help you and your care team in the moment. I am a Professional member of Evidence Based Birth and utilize their research to stay up to date on all things concerning birth and babies. I was a licensed massage therapist for almost a decade and a certified yoga teacher for 18 years. I bring a whole wealth of knowledge, skills, and techniques to each and every birth I attend. 

Beyond all the training and experience is where our relationship lives. I want to help you dream big! I want to help you embrace the innate knowledge and power within you to birth your children. I will help you create a plan that is UNIQUE to you and your family so that you can have your most extraordinary birth. Birth is not one-sized-fits-all! Your birth can and should be as unique and special an experience as you are. I want to get to know YOU, your partner, your children! Let’s talk about all of your options. 

“Hiring Nicole as our doula was by far the best investment we made for birthing plan."
— Emily L.

During the day of your birthing time, I will be by your side. We will be a team working together to support you as you birth. That may mean massaging your back, doing hip squeezes or other counter pressure moves. It may mean encouraging you into different positions to help your baby navigate your pelvis or get into the right position. It may look like me holding your hand and wiping your brow with a wet cloth while I say “you ARE doing it! Your baby is right there!” It may be helping your partner feel better in their support of you, giving them the confidence to step in and do these things themselves while I fetch your drinks and fill your birth pool with hot water.

We never know how a birth is going to go. We are always stepping into the unknown when we birth, but what you can know is that my support for you will never waver and my dream for you is to have your BEST BIRTH.

Salt Lake City Doula, new mother breastfeeding twins
Salt Lake City Doula, mother floating newborn baby in birthing tub
Salt Lake City Doula, mother rubbing newborn baby's forehead


Doula Services: All-inclusive Birth Doula services $1950

This includes our consultation, (2) 1-2 hour long prenatal appointments, ongoing prenatal support via phone, text, email, my library of resources, on-call from 37-42 weeks (or longer), your birth and 2-3 hours immediate postpartum, and at least one postpartum visit along with continued support for your first 6 weeks postpartum. 

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