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It started with those two pink lines. Now your journey to grow your family is happening – whether this is your first baby or your 5th; this time is magical and powerful and you deserve to remember every minute of it. 

But finding someone to be a part of this sacred time can feel overwhelming. Inviting multiple strangers into your space or spending time getting to know each photographer, doula, etc. to bring into your bubble can be a lot. 

Hiring ME is hiring someone to be your wingwoman/ friend/ and creative guide through this entire process. From a maternity shoot that is unique and special to you, to individualized birth plans, prenatals, and birth support to the day of your birth itself, and those precious days, weeks and months after, I will be there to not only capture each special moment, but to hold your hand every step of the way. 

Nicole Hamic

Salt Lake City Doula and Birth Photographer

I am a natural-minded mom who loves coffee, wine and books, along with cooking for my family and getting dirt on my hands in the garden with my kids. I believe in attachment parenting, free range kids, and the importance of nurturing our children’s individual spirits.


Doula Services

With over 7 years of experience and over 200 births, I am a doula who TRUSTS birthing people and their bodies and believe in your ability to birth your baby. I am trained in Hypnobirthing, Hypnobabies, and Spinning Babies. I am a trained birth assistant and have training and experience with multiples, unmedicated twin vaginal birth and vaginal breech birth. I am VBAC Certified with The VBAC Academy and have supported VBAC, VBA2C, HBA3C and HBA4C. 

I specialize in out-of-hospital, home, and birth center birth and also welcome autonomous birthers. I do take a limited number of hospital-based births each year as well. I believe that birth is a momentous, transformative experience that has the power to forever shape and change our lives. If  you are looking for someone to walk along you and support your unique journey, I would be honored to speak with you. 

I offer amazing collections for families who wish to use the same doula and photographer throughout their family’s journey. Please inquire for more information.


I offer amazing collections for families who wish to use the same photographer and doula throughout their family’s journey. Please inquire for more information.

“When we think back on the special day our daughter came into this world, we will never forgot how Nicole left such an irreplaceable impact in helping her be born.” – The Enderles

“Having Nicole within my birth space made me feel empowered and safe. Her passion and artistry are unmatched.” – Jade

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