Family Photography

More than all of you smiling at the camera. More than something for your Holiday card. This is photography to cherish. This is art to hang on your walls. Art made from your love, your touches, the way your child’s hair blows in the breeze and your husband smiles at his children. We will capture the details and the personality of your family and your dynamic together. You deserve more.

Over the years of working as a doula/birth photographer, my passion for taking a deeper journey with clients led me to wanting to capture their entire journey. What I discovered is that our rich relationship allowed for a depth of feeling and expression in their images that goes beyond just having nice pictures. We know and trust each other. That vulnerability allows a deeper connection in the work we do together and that connection can last for years to come. Being able to work with families from conception to their maternity images, to their birth, and beyond means that your family heirlooms are beautiful, consistent, and are richly captured each and every time by someone who knows and cherishes you and your family. The packages I’ve created and the artisan, handcrafted photography products that I’ve chosen are made to simplify and streamline your life. You no longer have to search out a new photographer for each thing, or wonder who to call about your pregnancies. You no longer have to try to find time to make albums that won’t last longer than a few years or leave your pictures on some computer hard-drive. I will help you every step of the way making sure you have everything you need from before we take a single shot to when we display it in your home.

Salt Lake City Family Photographer