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Creating a Sacred Birth Space: 7 Essential Tips

Sacred space transcends where we are; it represents an environment where the profoundness of birth and the real world around us find harmony. In many cultures, childbirth is regarded as a rite of passage—a transformative experience that demands respect, sensitivity, and support. This sacredness is not just about spirituality or

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birth of baby girl in tub

Unassisted Home Birth in Sandy, Utah

Unassisted birth in our country is kind of a weird thing to talk about even amongst some of the most free-thinking birth workers I know. We all know that all birth comes with risk and that when you choose to birth, not matter where and how you do it, you

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How to Budget for the Birth You WANT, and DESERVE!

You’re thinking about having a baby. Or maybe, you just got that first positive pregnancy test. Congratulations! Having a baby is an exciting and magical time for your family. While for many families, weddings are something where other family members, moms and dads, even sometimes extended family are expected to

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Baby Hank: A Homebirth in Lehi Utah

What a wonderful birth!!! This client came to find me in a really fun way! We both commented on a post on a crunchy moms facebook group when we then discovered that we had mutual friends…. Her previous midwife and her assistant who I was presently working with in AZ.

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A Homebirth in Gilbert AZ, the Birth of Baby R

If you know me, you know I love homebirth. I had my own two babies at home and 90% of my clients hire me to birth at either home or at birth centers. This does not mean that I don’t attend and support hospital birth! I certainly do! I’ll have

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