A Homebirth in Gilbert AZ, the Birth of Baby R

If you know me, you know I love homebirth. I had my own two babies at home and 90% of my clients hire me to birth at either home or at birth centers. This does not mean that I don’t attend and support hospital birth! I certainly do! I’ll have some of those up soon, but homebirths always hold a special place in my heart!

This wonderful couple had just recently moved to the area and were uncertain about their options for this, their third child’s birth. Her second baby, a daughter, was only just 2 years old and she’d had a very quick birth at a hospital just 10 minutes after getting in an L&D room and they didn’t think they wanted the stress involved in all that again, so they chose to birth at home. They hired the team from The Gilbert Family Birth Center, though it ended up being Alyssa Johns filling in for Alison (who was busy with another family birthing at the birth center) who ended up attending this beautiful birth with me!

I was so honored to be their doula and birth photographer for this magical birth! She trusted her body and the process. We laughed and joked and swayed and her family waited anxiously downstairs while this little baby boy made his way earthside!


I am a natural-minded mom who loves coffee, wine and books, along with cooking for my family and getting dirt on my hands in the garden with my kids. I believe in attachment parenting, free range kids, and the importance of nurturing our children’s individual spirits. I’m passionate about birthing rights, physical autonomy, informed consent and helping women embrace their power.

Nearly nothing gives me greater joy than supporting families on this crazy journey through parenthood/birth and creating captivating and emotional art that will be your family’s heirlooms for generations.